A resilient and secure network is the backbone of a modern organisation. It must handle the data demands of today’s business application and accommodate the need for employees, partners and customers to access the information they need from wherever they are.

Everyone wants a more seamless user experience, but it should never compromise security. Unfortunately, poorly considered policies and inadequate user authentication leave organisations vulnerable to cyber-crime attacks. We can help you achieve greater agility and accessibility without compromising security or user experience. 

We’re proud to be ISO 27001 certified, following the principles of this internationally recognised framework that helps organisations manage and protect their IT environments. The work we deliver for our customers is safer and more secure thanks to these standards.

Does your business need proactive IT security?

We will regularly review your IT infrastructure with our fully managed cybersecurity service, with quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses. We can also provide a fully managed anti-virus and firewall with total unified threat management to provide additional layers of security.

We’ll work to resolve these issues, including a patch management service for all your supported devices. In addition, we’ll make recommendations to remediate and help you as needed for other elements of your IT systems.

Do you need support to get IT security accreditation?

Many organisations these days see the benefits of undertaking recognised security certifications such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001. They give your customers assurance and promote an internal culture of cyber safety. Our specialist compliance consultants work alongside you to understand your organisation’s requirements.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we will then design and deploy policies that meet your needs while protecting your organisation. As a result, individuals will have secure access to the information they need and controls on the information they don’t.

We can even support you as you go through your ongoing audit process to guide and advise how to gain maximum value from the investment.

Are you struggling with GDPR compliance?

Data breaches are increasingly making headlines across the media. Whether a breach is accidental or malicious, caused by an employee or an external attacker, it is the loss of data and confidence that causes the reputational and often significant financial impact.

Our compliance service is about enabling your company to understand and follow regulations and best practice. As a result, our service minimises risk, instilling confidence in all your stakeholders, customers and partners. Furthermore, our services keep your business compliant with the frameworks required for GDPR.

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