Internet connectivity that enables your business.

High performing connectivity is essential to your business. It’s the powerful invisible force underpinning the performance of your software and systems.

In today’s competitive landscape, fast and reliable connectivity is a must. Our business internet service delivers business-grade, end-to-end fibre from your premises to our 100GigE core network – giving you all the bandwidth you need to run your business today and prepare for future growth.

Ultrafast and fully scalable connectivity

Our network is a business-only network with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic, meaning you receive ultra-fast, symmetrical and fully scalable internet connectivity.

Once connected, you can expect to receive uncontended business internet delivered over fibre with duplicate high-speed uploads and downloads. Smart Internet scales up the total capacity of your connection, meaning it can continue to serve your needs as your organisation grows, future-proofing your investment in connectivity.

Enabling uptime in any situation

Having plenty of IPv4 addresses doesn’t protect a business from other organisations running out of IPv4 elsewhere on the Internet. When IPv4 runs out, companies can no longer assume that the entire Internet will be reachable or that they will be universally reachable.

We advocate that our customers take steps to prepare their networks for ‘both Internets’; we offer help and guidance on this topic, so you can be assured of uptime in any situation.

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