A seamless Office 365 migration and improved accessibility for Prusik Investment Management

Case Study


Prusik Investment Management is an independent fund management company that specialises in researching and investing in Asian equities. Their clients include leading financial institutions such as private wealth managers, insurance companies, funds and local authorities. 

Prusik approached enablesIT to help them migrate from their existing email platform to a new one, Microsoft Office 365, which would offer them great user experience, reliability and security. 

Within 24 hours, enablesIT began the migration, completed account setups and data migration, and implemented the new solution within one week. 

The challenge

A compelling event, their current provider ceasing to provide their service, meant Prusik Investment Management needed a new service to be up and running quickly.

Together, we promptly agreed the best platform for their future needs would be Office 365 to give them greater flexibility and advanced features to support their business.

enablesIT’s transparent and open communication approach eliminates user emails, protecting Prusik’s core business operations. 

Delivering greater visibility and easier systems management

enablesIT’s proven approach ensured a smooth transition from one platform to the next, ensuring no delay or downtime for client communications throughout the works.  

With all licensing, storage, and security controlled through a single platform, Prusik’s IT systems will be simpler and easier to manage moving forward. It has also enabled Prusik to consider retiring their on-premise servers in favour of an Office 365 solution.

Result and future plans

With the migration project complete and all data and security moved to Office 365, employees quickly noticed the much-improved access and flexibility.

The customer was pleased with the project and the subsequent support we provided and recently signed a continued 5-year IT Support agreement.

We have engaged enablesIT to provide business critical IT services, support and consultancy for more than a decade.

We also have entrusted enablesIT with managing and arranging numerous projects which have been completed successfully allowing our business to continuously operate effectively.

We work well with their team  the support desk.

enablesIT continue to offer a positive experience with reliable and consistent service.

Prusik Investment Management