We believe that the cloud should make your business better, whatever your sector or situation. The cloud offers flexibility, cost savings and security, empowering you with the choice to scale your technology to demand without locking you into a long-term commitment. It enables better customer service and responsiveness and increases agility.

Securely storing your data in the cloud also enables easy access from anywhere. It allows you to work from any location, on any device, on the move, at customer sites or home – promoting true flexibility and mobility.

Our cloud computing specialists work with you to design a solution that meets your needs, however complex so that you can enjoy the business benefits of the cloud.

Are you looking for a more flexible approach to IT?

Our enablesIT UK data centres give you the powerful benefits of cloud-scale compute power and storage, tailored to your specific requirements and allocated exclusively for your use.

Our Private Cloud service gives the ability to provide multiple server images and storage volumes to your organisation from a central resource built to a proven blueprint. Drawing upon our operational experience of public and private cloud platforms, we tailor the final design to meet your needs.

For Public Cloud solutions, we are a Microsoft Partner and utilise Microsoft Azure. One of the primary advantages of Microsoft Azure is that it is geography agnostic, giving your data global reach.

One of the most outstanding features of Azure is its flexibility to scale. Scaling cloud networks involves creating or assigning servers to an application. Cost savings continue to be one of the main drivers behind migrating to cloud services. Azure offers up to 72% savings with pay-as-you-go pricing. Companies can also choose to go the hybrid route and maintain their on-premise data centers while reaping the benefits of flexibility and backup security in the Azure cloud.

Are you looking for flexibility and productivity?

Office 365 is a subscription-based service meaning you pay a low monthly fee rather than making a significant investment; this gives flexibility and allows you to increase and decrease costs as your business changes.

Office 365 is hosted in the cloud and empowers your teams to work from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection. You can access your email, files and the Microsoft Office applications themselves from any location and any device. If you have a plan that includes a desktop version of Office, you have the option to install it on up to 5 devices per user.

The collaboration features in Office 365 are second to none, supporting collaboration for remote teams. Everyone who needs to work on a document can do so at the same time, with live changes reflected and shown as they happen.

You can also provide direct access to your data rather than sending emails as attachments, supporting far superior version control and even letting you revert to a previously saved version.

Did you know that Microsoft doesn't retain data backups?

Did you know that Office 365 doesn’t include a backup solution? They’ll recover your data if their system fails, but if someone in your company deletes data, there is little chance of recovery. Retention periods are very short, which poses a risk to your business.

Our Office 365 backup solution can help recover accidentally or maliciously deleted data and prevent Office 365 data from being deleted by former employees or de-provisioned licenses. And vitally, guarding against Office 365 app outages, failed 3rd party integrations or ransomware attacks.

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