Transforming Foskett Marr’s IT Operations

Case Study


A complete network and server replacement for a leading law firm.

Foskett Marr is a highly reputable Law Firm based in the South East of England. They were established in 1920 and remain true to their founding values of excellence, reputation and trust. Today, Foskett Marr offers a broad range of services for local, national & international clients covering all aspects of law and business and private services.

Foskett Marr appointed a new Practice Manager who engaged enablesIT to complete a full audit of their IT systems and highlight where they could improve systems and leverage technology.

The challenge

enablesIT’s review highlighted that IT was limiting Foskett Marr’s potential and holding up productivity. Their people were struggling with a slow and poor user experience and paper-based processes. We recommended migrating to a fast and powerful platform to support the transition to a paperless strategy.

A fast, accessible and enjoyable user experience

With a brand new IT system installed, users can now work from any location or device with full access to their applications and data, underpinned by faster connectivity across all offices. Every user now has dual-screen displays to increase accessibility and efficiency. 

As well as improved IT security across devices, enablesIT also provides 24/7 IT support, ensuring access for all employees, including those working remotely.

Delivering results and future plans

Within days of the teams receiving their new devices, the business has already seen an improvement in efficiency estimated at 9%, which bodes well for ROI over the next six months. Foskett Marr now has a platform that supports flexible and remote working and the capacity and performance for further expansion whilst ensuring the business’s data security.

Foskett Marr is so pleased with the solution they have engaged enablesIT to deliver a new telephony service.

The difference in the IT performance and reliability after the new system has been put in place is like night and day.

With much faster performance, improved ability to work from any location on any device, as well as much higher levels of security across all entry points to our systems.

We’re very much looking forward to the new telephony VOIP platform and a continued work relationship with enablesIT.

Foskett Marr Gadsby & Head