Enabling high-performing wireless connectivity and security across your network.

Our Managed Wireless service provides an extension of your wired corporate network, keeping your people connected on every corporate device to the resources and applications they need whilst also providing secure guest access options.

Leading-edge technologies power our solution; we monitor and proactively manage our service 24/7, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity and giving you peace of mind.

Wireless security that enables a better user experience

We understand that security and authentication processes must balance rigorous network protection, legal compliance and user experience. Our expertise in wireless security ensures your Wireless LAN will benefit from the highest security standards and that disclosure obligations are met, all without compromising user accessibility.

Wireless connectivity that enables your entire business

Our highly experienced architects and engineers understand how to design and deliver a WLAN environment that supports collaboration and scales with you as you grow.

  • Better support remote working practices and improve employee collaboration.
  • Enable connectivity across your entire business, with anytime, anywhere access.
  • Keep your data safe with our secure and proactively monitored service.

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