Mimecast: how to control risk without adding complexity

Everyone has heard of phishing attacks, spam and malware – but not everyone knows that email is still the No.1 attack vector. IT Governance* discovered 310 security incidents between January and March 2023, which accounted for 349,171,305 breached records. This represents a 12.7% increase on the number of security incidents in Q4 2022, but the number of breached records has increased more than threefold. Of these, 163 security incidents were cyber-attacks with phishing and malware amongst the

Email is an integral part of how every business operates but it also represents a weak link for organisations due to the prevalence of ransomware attacks and human error.

Mimecast Security, Remediation, Continuity and Archiving is designed to reduce the increasing risks of security threats and provide the detail required to meet compliance requirements. It uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and the latest threat intelligence to prevent malware, spear-phishing and zero-day attacks, as well as email filtering, archiving, and encryption. Mimecast also offers a cloud-based email security service that provides real-time protection from email-borne threats. In addition, there are a variety of training and awareness services to help organisations prevent emails from being compromised by malicious actors.


There are other options for mail filtering, for example MS Defender which can be a bolt on or included in some licence upgrades. However, market-leading Mimecast goes further than that with not just security but compliance and archiving.

Primarily, Mimecast helps to keep email safe from malware and phishing attacks. It does this by scanning all incoming, internal and outgoing email and attachments for threats, and then quarantining any suspicious content, offering remediation and email recovery.

Secondly, to meet legal and regulatory challenges and ensure email compliance, Mimecast provides a suite of fully integrated capabilities for complete compliance control and litigation readiness for managing everything from MiFiD compliance and FINRA compliance requirements.

Finally, Mimecast’s email archiving feature ensures that all emails are safely stored off-site, making them easy to retrieve if they are ever needed for reference or legal purposes.

Overall, Mimecast provides a robust set of tools for protecting and managing email communications, reducing disruption by providing IT with a single, integrated platform to mitigate risk through secure, reliable and compliant email; and empowering end users with self-service applications.


If you need help with Mimecasrt or any kind of IT Security or Cyber Security Awareness training for your staff, get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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