Faster… cheaper… bigger… where do I sign?!

In the simplest sense, internet circuits are the cabling that carries the internet service to your business. It is the physical, wired path that your internet connection travels along for the uploads and downloads as required. While all circuits have the same purpose – to provide you with internet access – upgrading can make a significant difference to your business’s IT infrastructure.


How do you know if upgrading your internet circuits is something you should consider?

You want faster speeds…
You want better pricing deals…
You’re a growing business…

…or all three!

enablesIT have experience working with all the leading UK circuits providers and we offer supported internet solutions that are affordable and reliable and can grow with your business.

Connectivity is integral to an effective business IT strategy and the right connectivity is critical to your business. Our expert team will help you to understand what options are available, depending on your individual requirements and geographical location. Our network is a business-only network with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic, meaning you receive ultra-fast, symmetrical and fully scalable internet connectivity.

For those businesses already using, or considering using, the cloud, this will increase bandwidth optimisation and ensure you are receiving the maximum quality of service. Bandwidth affects everything from internet speed, phone connection, and even security camera clarity. The cloud allows internet circuit systems to be less overloaded and can help you connect to the internet quicker and reduce load time for a variety of devices.

enablesIT recommends existing internet circuits be reviewed every two years. With so many business operations depending on internet connectivity, it’s important to have a failover or secondary line in case your main connection goes down. We’ll put the relevant infrastructure in place to ensure data and communications are quickly re-routed, minimising disruption and keeping your systems running whilst your primary line is fixed.

We also suggest an evaluation of your existing firewall and network be done at the same time as a circuit review to ensure you are making the most of any increased throughput.


Once connected, you can expect to receive uncontended business internet delivered over fibre with duplicate high-speed uploads and downloads. Smart Internet scales up the total capacity of your connection, meaning it can continue to serve your needs as your organisation grows, future-proofing your investment in connectivity.

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