Adding Value to IT

There are many articles about the pros and cons of outsourcing IT but here at enablesIT, we don’t see it as an either/or but how an extra pair of hands or some strategic direction can add value to a company’s IT. See us as a business partner working alongside, with knowledge of your industry, assisting your business to grow using technology and creating an IT environment that enables your organisation.

If you are an SME, with your own IT resource or none, we will help you to confront the demands of a changing landscape and stay relevant with the right implementations. The benefits of this are many:

  • Manageable costs: Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) means IT costs are agreed and budgeted for, and with the peace of mind that all your IT needs will be covered whether as your full IT support service or supporting your existing IT team. From making the most of licensing to buying the right hardware at the right price, an IT support company can add value by planning and executing your IT strategy within budget.
  • Time better spent: Instead of adding to the workload of staff – and let’s face it, everyone in an SME always does more – some or all the IT support can be passed on to a well-qualified, experienced
    team, so allowing your resource to do what it does best with increasing productivity.

  • Afford the latest technology: IT is not just about technical support but about making the most of the technology available to you…especially in business-critical areas such as cyber security. Outsourced IT support can work with you or your IT team to ensure the best data protection, backup services and disaster recovery as well as keeping licences and warranties up to date. 

  • Work with a team: Being responsible for IT in an SME can be a lonely place! External IT support come with a whole team which in turn brings a wide range of experience and knowledge, not just from the world of IT but across a variety of industry sectors – great value for money.

It is worth noting that there are some risks to outsourcing and you will need to do your homework.

  • Reputable and with a good reputation: Look out for creditable partnerships and processes, and solid references. enablesIT partner with Microsoft, Cisco and VMWare amongst others, use methodologies based on the ITIL framework and are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified. 

  • Be aware of proprietorial software: As with any transfer of information, be cautious of providers who might introduce their own software onto your system and then tie you in or demand it back when the contract ends. However, some IT support companies may offer to build you a bespoke
    system which for those with complex IT functions could be worthwhile.

Overall, the benefits of cost management, satisfaction both within your organisation and for your customers, and increased productivity and efficiency should demonstrate the advantages of working with a Managed Services Provider.

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