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Network Infrastructure & Wireless

As technology continues to pervade everyday life, businesses are needing to support an ever more complex IT estate ensuring availability for users, guard against security threats, manage multiple vendors, all whilst keeping within the budget. At enablesIT we recognise the importance of Networks, Wireless and Internet connectivity. All of these are vital elements of any IT infrastructure, so we provide specific services for our customers. These are designed to enable you to have solutions delivering the optimum user experience.

Are you looking for a hassle free Wireless Network?

Our Managed Wireless service provides an extension of your wired corporate network, enabling the increasing use of corporate wireless devices, whilst also providing secure guess access options. Built around class-leading technologies, the service is monitored 24/7 and proactively managed.

Security and authentication processes have to strike the balance between rigorous network protection and legal compliance, and ease of use. Our expertise in wireless security ensures your wireless LAN will benefit from the highest security standards and that disclosure obligations can be met, all without compromising user accessibility.


Is your network holding you back?


From small organisations to multi-server environments, networks are the spine of any system and thereby crucial to ensure they design with enough capacity for increasing bandwidth demand and flexibility.

Our services cover every aspect of developing a comprehensive network for you, designed and tailored to your individual requirements.  From the latest technologies and innovations, to future proofing for every changing technological world.  

Our solutions are delivered with technology professionals, using proven methodology and best practice processes, enabling your business to benefit fully from the chosen technology.

Do you need to increase your Network Infrastructure Cabling?

Data drives today’s organisations. Everywhere we turn, users are consuming larger volumes of a wider range of data types across a broader variety of devices. But it all starts with infrastructure: the routers and switches, load balancers and firewalls, right down to the cabling and wireless access points that deliver data to the desktop or smartphone.

EnablesIT has its roots in network deployment. For over 25 years, we have developed our expertise by deploying network infrastructure for our customers; in almost every sector and scenario imaginable. We have designed and delivered the core networks that determine the performance of data centres, we have installed cabling in high performance environments like hospital operating theatres, and we have provided secure, cross-campus wireless access in schools and colleges.

Our highly experienced architects and engineers understand how to design and deliver the performance, resilience, reliability and flexibility that today’s organisations demand.

Network Infrastructure and Wireless Services


Does your Internet connection work for you?

EnablesIT’s business internet service provides business-grade, end-to-end fibre from your premises all the way to our 100GigE core network.  Our network is a business-only network with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic. This means our customers receive ultra-fast, symmetrical and fully scalable Internet connectivity.

Once connected, you can expect to receive uncontended business internet delivered over fibre with the same high-speed uploads as for downloads. Smart Internet scales up the full capacity of your connection, meaning it can continue to serve your needs as your organisation grows, thus future-proofing your investment in connectivity.

Having plenty of IPv4 addresses doesn’t protect a business from other organisations running out of IPv4 elsewhere on the Internet. When IPv4 runs out, businesses can no longer make the assumption that the entire Internet will be reachable or that they themselves will be universally reachable. We advocate that our customers take steps to prepare their networks for ‘both Internet’s’.


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