The Rise of Information Security

With the rise of Cloud based services, there has also been a huge rise in more and more sophisticated internet-based threats, through phishing emails, email-based viruses, but also a good old-fashioned brute force attack. The need for businesses to have strong Information and Cyber Security measures in place is now very important to stop critical and sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.

The Principles of Information Security

Quite simply, Information Security is about protecting critical business data; made up of 3 goals these provide you with an Information Security Management System.

The 3 goals are Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA), with the idea that critical information should be kept safe, it shouldn’t be changed, and it should always be available. This is becoming increasingly important with the connected world that we live and operate in, with everything being Cloud Based and the Internet of Things… we are connected all the time.

So, what is it that your business should have in place to help achieve these needs…?

Policies, Processes and Procedures… these key factors underpin the management system and help to ensure that it meets its objectives.  

All businesses need policies, these tell us what we are doing, the process tells us how to achieve what the policy says, and the procedure then defines how we undertake completing the process to achieve what’s been documented. 

So really the question is, does your business have the right policies in place to ensure your information is always secure?

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