The Invisible Hero: How To Design And Build An IT Infrastructure

How to design and build an IT infrastructure that’s right for your business today and futureproofed for the challenges ahead 

The basis of any IT network is the infrastructure. A well planned, professionally executed IT infrastructure offers a solid foundation for your business, letting you reap the benefits in every area, from productivity to customer service, to time management, to the more technical aspects, such as s security and futureproofing. The better the foundation, the more you can focus on your business and trust that your IT system will just work.

What do we mean by infrastructure?

The ultimate purpose behind your IT infrastructure should always be strengthening the performance of your business.

It is made up of all the elements required to operate and manage your IT services and environments: routers and switches, load balancers and firewalls, right down to the cabling and wireless access points (WAP) that deliver data to your devices. It’s everything that powers your network and your wireless service, enabling your business to run productively with minimal downtime and disruption.

When should you invest? 

There are many things that can indicate when it’s time to update your infrastructure. Slow or unreliable connectivity, failing components needing frequent replacement, even the age of your kit can tell you it’s time for an upgrade.

As a user, you needn’t be fluent in IT analytics to know when your system isn’t working right. If it is negatively impacting your business due to speed, security, or even general usability, then it is no longer suitable. The specifics of what you then need can be determined by network professionals.

Infrastructure projects require significant investment, but by considering your future needs in the design of your network you’re far less likely to be revisiting the design in the near future or struggling with supporting legacy hardware.

What are the benefits of updating your infrastructure?

The main benefit of investment becomes clear to both your organisation and customers when your IT systems and services are working precisely as they should. You can:

  • Secure your digital assets and reduce your IT risk exposure
  • Speed up your IT operations and accelerate business growth
  • Protect your data in the event of a disaster and quickly recover productivity
  • Improve collaboration and communication, promoting a better employee and customer experience
  • Boost productivity and innovation and get new products and service to market faster
  • Futureproof your business and align with your future roadmap
  • Create a harmonious and consistent IT environment across multiple sites
  • Offer better health and safety, through high-quality cables and cabinets appropriate for industrial settings

How critical is investing?

Picture this: you arrive in your office one day, put your bag down, turn on your computer, ready to start the day. From there, it’s business as usual, right? Except today, your network has slowed to a crawl while trying to keep up with demanding bandwidth requirements.

This is the situation many businesses find themselves in if they do not account for their infrastructure during changes or growth, or the need to replace aging equipment.

All the same benefits of a well-designed network infrastructure can easily become issues if the network is older or poorly installed. Your communication, productivity, and commercial edge all rely on your IT infrastructure to work effectively. The knock-on effects of retaining outdated systems include less secure operations that are more expensive to maintain, and the ultimate inability to adopt new overlying technologies, such as cutting-edge voice systems and software-defined networking options, since your infrastructure won’t be able to support it.

When you don’t invest in updating IT infrastructure, you risk becoming vulnerable to threats your existing structure just cannot compete with. As we all know, technology changes rapidly. Ten years ago, bring your own device (BYOD) was a relatively new concept, and hacking methods were far less advanced. New, sophisticated, and constantly evolving threats have prompted network security to evolved alongside its growing challenges.

When should you consider updating your infrastructure?

Having worked on thousands of infrastructure projects, we find it is typically events such as expansion or moving from a single site to multisite operations that becomes a catalyst for investment. As challenging as these scenarios can seem, they are also an opportunity to get things right and enable a better experience across all your IT operations.

Are you moving from a single site to multisite operations?

There’s so much to consider when switching to multisite operations. There must be consistency across communication tools, data storage, and software services across different locations to maximise productivity without spiralling costs.

Is your business expanding and/or relocating?

Planning for the future means getting it right the first time. No one wants to be having second thoughts about their IT infrastructure only a few years down the line. To stay agile in a competitive market, its crucial new sites are up and running quickly, so your business isn’t left behind.

Do you have new projects with new demands?

When taking on new projects or building temporary environments to deliver a time-sensitive project, businesses may require specialist infrastructure and connectivity suitable for a manufacturing environment or an outdoor setting.

Our approach

At enablesIT, we believe that the key to a successful transformation is to review old operating models, look at emerging technologies, and focus your IT function on enabling your business. It’s more than just selecting the right mix of technology and services; it’s about ensuring those technologies integrate to deliver a better user experience for all your stakeholders.

By understanding your current environment’s nuances and responding with a specification aligned with your organisation’s distribution, layout, and industry-specific delivery needs, we can build high-performing IT environments. We work with trusted technology specialists with industry-leading skills and accreditations to ensure our clients get the most out of their infrastructure investment while protecting their day-to-day operations by maximising uptime. Following proven methodologies and best-practice processes ensures we deliver on time, and budget according to your requirements. We listen closely and complete thorough discovery to understand precisely what you need.

The result of all this is a well-designed, tailor-made network that genuinely enables your business and is inherently resilient, secure, and compliant.

If you need help reviewing your IT infrastructure and want to find out more about the benefits and performance an upgrade could bring to your business, you can get in touch by clicking here!

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