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Telephony Services

At enablesIT we are keen to help you keep your costs low. A key area that can get overlooked is your telephony solution. We often find that customers have old legacy PBX telephony solutions, that are inflexible and are linked to high cost traditional ISDN telephone lines. Our solutions are software based and can comes with a multitude of benefits, including;

  • Licensing based on number of simultaneous calls and not extensions
  • Avoid per extension licensing and pay per PBX instead
  • Make free interoffice calls and branch calls
  • Use SIP trunks to reduce outbound call charges
  • Reduce travel expenses with integrated web conferencing
  • Eliminate third party conference systems with a fully feature web conference facility included
  • Use International DIDs & IP Telephony so customers can call in at competitive rates

Need a flexible telephony solution?

We can provide our telephony solution as a fully managed service. You will simply tell us how many users you have, if you need handsets or will use softphones or mobile devices. We will provide a cost per user per month, with the only extra cost being your outgoing calls. We will fully manage the platform for you with changes included.

You can use the system for internal calls at no additional cost, including a fully functional web conference solution, which could significantly reduce your travel costs between offices.


Replacing your old PBX System?

Telephony Services


If you prefer to own your telephony system, we can provide the system, phones and install it into your IT system.  Whether that is on premise or in the cloud, with our SIP trunks or utilising another providers, if agreements are already in place.

You can decide on a variety of handsets that are fully compatible and supported by the system, have multiple systems in place for full business continuity.  Once in place we can provide support and management of the system.

Do you want cheaper calls?

BT has announced the withdrawal of ISDN in 2025, acknowledging its limitations compared with more flexible, scalable and cost-effective VoIP solutions like SIP trunks.

At enablesIT we can give you enhanced call quality, flexibility and functionality while saving money compared to a traditional fixed line solution.  Our SIP trunking is compatible with a wide range of IP phone systems.



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