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Tech Gifts

There’s always that one person that you always struggle with present wise over the festive season. Whether it be a partner, parent or a distant third step cousin twice removed. However useful a pair of socks may be, can you imagine receiving a genuine thank you text from that tricky-to-buy-for mother-in-law? Using tech themed gifts as our inspiration (obviously), we have put together a list of ‘cracking’ presents with low and high price tags depending on how many of you are ‘treating yourself’.

  1. Just Mobile HoverDock Charging Dock for iPhone – £29.95 No one likes having cables everywhere so this is a perfect accessory for a bedside table or a desk at work to charge your phone.
  2. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation – £89.99 A handsfree speaker that you control with your voice! Does it need more explanation?
  3. Instax Mini 8 Camera £64.99 Although a pricey option, its so worth it! Having the photo you have just taken printed out there and then is priceless.
  4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker £13.99 Does what it says on the tin!
  5. Sony Clock Radio with Time Projector £44.99 I’m sure everyone has had the awkward fumble around in the dark looking around for your phone to know if you’ve got a few more hours in bed left. This projector clock makes that whole experience a lot easier!
  6. Sony Bluetooth Sports in-ear Headphones £69.99 Possibly the most reasonably priced Bluetooth headphones with a well known brand name. Imagine reaching into your bag and not having tangled headphones due to the short wire!
  7. Tile Mate. Anything Finder £19.00 Have you got a friend that is always losing their phone or keys, if you can’t think of that one friend, it’s probably you. If so, this is the perfect ‘treat yourself’ present.
  8. Stylus Electrical Pen – Handwriting Smart Mouse £14.99 Perfect low priced gift for a creative. Everyone struggles getting a straight line with a mouse so why not use this instead!
  9. Mac Candle No. 2 £24.99 You really can get some weird and wonderful gifts on the internet. Why not gift that Apple fan in your family with a candle replicating the smell of opening a new product.
  10. Wireless Mini Coated Projector £69.99 Imagine watching Blue Planet on this projector screen! Gift this to a friend for the ultimate movie nights.

December 2017

Tech Gifts  
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