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Essential Cyber Security Tips

Whilst Cyber Security is not a new phenomenon, the recent outbreak of the WannaCry ransomware virus reiterates the importance of a solid and well managed IT infrastructure that includes:

  • Up to date system security patching
  • Up to date anti-virus software
  • Reliable backups
  • Robust email filtering
  • Effective perimeter and personal firewalls
  • Informed users

Either as part of a company’s IT Usage policy or as a regular reminder users should be advised:

  • Do not open emails you do not recognise
  • Do not open email attachments that look suspicious
  • Do not click on unrecognised links in an email
  • Only visit recognised web sites
  • Do not click on advert links on web sites
  • If in any doubt report to your IT support team

EnablesIT is an integrated IT Management business, making sure clients are confident and in control of their IT because their services depend on it.  We can support you to ensure your IT systems and infrastructure are robust and secure, call us to discuss further 0845 125 5999.

15th May 2017



Essential Cyber Security Tips  
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