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Boost Business through Digital Services and The Cloud

There are a variety of benefits that your business can gain using a cloud environment, and it’s the ideal arena to grow your business.

True Business Agility

Cloud technology is ideal to meet changing business needs, cope with fluctuating bandwidth/storage demands and can help to respond to business requirements that are sometimes difficult to predict.

It’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity, deploying cloud servers automatically, conversely scaling back can happen promptly and ensure you are only paying for what you use.

With a cloud infrastructure, you can rapidly deploy new projects and take them live quickly, easily available compute resources means you can get to market quickly and deliver results faster and more cost effectively.

Sales & Service Response

Cloud and Digital technology offers more flexible and potentially greater storage space and server resources, including better computing power, meaning your software and applications will perform faster.

Using cloud resources reduces potential of downtime due to hardware failures. In addition, your information and applications are evenly distributed across all the servers, which are connected to work as one. Therefore, if one server fails, no data is lost and downtime is avoided.

Cloud is also ideal for remote access to information. The availability of data anywhere, anytime and on any device is increasingly imperative in order for a business to function effectively. Have you ever made the unfortunate mistake of forgetting an important file at work? Or perhaps an unforeseen event left you needing information from company drives? With the cloud, as long as you have an internet connection then you can retrieve your information.

The cloud environment is ideal for collaboration and file-sharing. Your team can more easily edit files in real time from anywhere in the world. This helps to streamline processes and means more work gets done in less time.

All of this equates to more efficient computing and access to information which results in productivity increase and facilitates a faster response to sales opportunities and service issues.

As well as a better chance of winning sales opportunities through a prompt reply, better service will keep your clients satisfied and improve loyalty for repeat business.

Business Continuity and Peace of Mind

There are many reasons you need to ensure your business information is secure, from avoiding fines, loss of client confidence and company reputation, to ensuring your information assets do not fall into the hands of competitors.

Cloud environments can be optimised for security. They are also perfect for backing up your information and providing an effective data restore in the event of a disaster affecting your business operations.

Cloud can also help you more effectively secure mobile devices – lost or stolen devices pose a greater threat than merely the cost of replacing the hardware, more worrying is the loss of the information contained within the device. Not only will you be able to access your information from the cloud but you can also remotely wipe the device ensuring your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Keeping up with the Competition

Digital technologies increasingly pervade everyday life and there is a general expectation from clients for the ability to communicate and transact via mobile devices. There is also a growing expectation from employees for modern technology and the ability to work remotely to enhance work/life balance.

By embracing the cloud, you can handle emerging mobile, BYOD and wearable technology trends with greater ease and the use of innovative technology will not only help your service responses and speed to market but will also help attract and retain clients and staff.

Focus on the Important Things

Cloud allows for easy maintenance, automatic updates, automatic scalability, virtual deployments instead of manually updating multiple physical devices. This allows you to forget the necessary but mundane tasks and focus your activity where it counts: winning business, innovating and delivering service excellence to your clients. Use of a Cloud service provider (CSP) to manage your underlying infrastructure can take this a step further. All good CSPs will supply 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support and you will usually benefit from the latest technology and security features.


January 2018

Boost Business through Digital Services and The Cloud  
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