New Partnership with CPR Computer Recycling

Due to the number of projects we carry out for our customers we’re often asked how and where customers can get rid of their older IT equipment.  With the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive that was created in 2006, it’s no longer legal to simply throw away old IT equipment.  There is also the need to ensure that data on those devices is wiped securely, ensuring compliance with GDPR.

Peter Mills, IT Services Director at Enables IT said, “Historically we’ve used a variety of companies for both our and customers disposal needs, however we wanted to make this much easier for our customers moving forward.  We’ve now agreed a partnership with CPR Computer Recycling.  It’s great to find a partner that has such great service, with no cost to our customers.

CPR – Computer Recycling offer a free and unique way for customers to comply with WEEE Directives and GDPR. The retirement of your old servers, computers, network devices and other telecoms and IT equipment is now easier than ever before.

After collection, each device is assessed and has all data wiped securely.  With CPR’s customer portal, you’re able to manage all your recycled equipment, as well as access the secure wipe certificates for record keeping.  The equipment is then either put back into service as fully refurbished computer equipment for resale in other markets or broken down for recycling, with any profits going to UK Charities.

Tim White, Managing Director at CPR Computer Recycling said, “CPR are pleased to be partnered with enablesIT and look forward to fulfilling all their IT recycling needs and those of their customers over the coming years. As the only ‘Not for Profit’ organisation within the industry, the partnership with enablesIT will allow CPR to donate even more money to UK Charity with our main beneficiary for 2020 / 2021 being St Catherines Hospice (Crawley). Our collect and data wiping service for enablesIT and all their UK clients will, as always, remain completely free of charge.”

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