Mobile Device Security – Prying Eyes On the Move…

Here at enablesIT we spend a lot of time out and about seeing our customers.  That can mean trains, planes and certainly automobiles!  What we have noticed is more and more people using mobile devices in public areas, especially on trains for the commute to and from the office.  However, this provides a risk to your data and your business.  It’s incredibly easy for prying eyes to look over shoulders, across aisles or even read upside down when sat opposite, the content of what is on a screen. 

As an experiment a member of our team, without actively trying, was able to look and observe data on various 

mobile device screens, from laptops, to tablets and mobile phones on a single trip from our office into the centre of London.  This data varied from emails to clients and suppliers, tender documents, personnel reviews and most surprising of all an IT Security Policy document draft! 

Those using the devices seemed oblivious to their surroundings and the prying eyes that were all around.  So, the risk needs to be recognised as high, but equally the ability to work on the move will only increase, especially with the introduction of 5G and even faster mobile internet.  Thankfully there is a very simple and cost-effective fix, Privacy Screens.  These can be fitted to all manner of devices and instantly reduce visibility to those sat right in front of the device.

We’d strongly recommend every business review their devices and fit Privacy Screens to reduce the risk of a security breach.  If you’ve any questions about IT Security and how it can be improved within your business, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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