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IT Support Services

Our Managed Services are designed to deliver agile, responsive, and reliable IT. With increased service availability and users we can improve productivity of your business by freeing up your valuable in-house staff from time consuming routine tasks and redirecting them toward growth opportunities for your business. 

We can reduce overall IT support costs with our fixed price tasks and flexible resource model, and provide increased business agility and innovation with the skills available to support new technologies.

With enablesIT supporting critical aspects of your technology you are free to focus on what you do best. You can build your business while benefiting from lower fixed costs and access to highly experienced IT professionals. 

We simplify and centralise your IT support management with a single point of contact and accountability.

Are you looking for end user support?

We provide remote end user support, including monitoring and alerting of key issues for desktop devices. With access to our portal for asset management, we can enhance customer visibility. 

Our core hours service goes beyond 9 to 5, ensuring support from 8am until 8pm, with the option for full 24/7 cover which means evening, weekends and bank holidays, we’re there ready to support your end users. 

Our real time monitoring and alerting software monitors your desktop devices and promptly alerts our service desk to enable us to remedy of detected errors. We’ll support your e-mail, browser, Microsoft Office and agreed third-party applications. 

Key elements of these services are the security features, including anti-virus and malware monitoring and updates. We schedule patch management to maximise coverage, but minimise business impact.

IT Support Services


Is your IT Infrastructure letting you down?


With our remote management service, we monitor and fix your infrastructure issues before they effect your business. Often before the end user even knows.

We monitor system performance around the clock and ensure your applications are running correctly. We provide proactive support across your infrastructure irrespective of whether they are located onsite, at a data centre or in the cloud. We monitor your systems 24/7, using smart monitoring and management tools to ensure availability.

We provide proactive support across your infrastructure and applications irrespective of whether they are located at an enablesIT data centre or your own. 

Our service desk sits at the core of our Managed Services and operates 24/7, using smart monitoring and management tools to ensure agreed service levels are met. Regular reporting and best practice recommendation ensures a programme of continuous service improvement.

Do you need IT Staff onsite to enable Your business?

At enablesIT we don’t just provide remote IT services. We can provide onsite support for your business.  With the ability to provide both reactive and/or proactive onsite technical resources on either a scheduled or on demand basis.

This can be provided as an additional level of support alongside enablesManage and enablesDesk, or as a standalone service to work alongside your own IT teams or other 3rd parties.


Do you get stuck between your IT Support and suppliers?


We know your business applications are as important as your IT infrastructure, but that it can be frustrating to have to deal with multiple parties. Especially when your systems are down. 

At enablesIT, we can act as that single point of contact for you and we will then liaise directly with your third parties to ensure there is a simple and effective support process in place.

Got your own IT Team?  Just want to use our tools?

We can work with your IT team to deploy our remote monitoring and management tool, which work as part of your team, alerting them to issues and providing a fully operational portal for tracking and managing your IT assets.

This enables your internal IT team to have full visibility of real time data ensuring that any deviation from ‘normal’ across your systems or network is investigated and resolved promptly.


Are you confident in your Backup solution?


With our fully managed service, we’ll ensure that your data is protected. Available as a standalone service or as an integral part of our managed services. Backups are taken every hour, stored with high grade encryption on a provide storage device. Data can be recovered quickly and securely in the event of deletion or loss.

Our service can be provided with a backup sent offsite to our secure datacentre over night, as well as configured for fast fail over in the event of an outage with your live systems. Backups are randomly tested on a regular basis to ensure data integrity and availability, as well as the fully planned business continuity testing.

Are your IT systems really enabling your business?
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