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IT Security

A resilient and secure network is the backbone of a modern organisation. It must handle the data demands of today’s business application and accommodate the need for employees, partners and customers to access the information they need from wherever they are.

Security however, is paramount. Greater agility and easier access should not be achieved by compromising access controls or security protocols. Poorly considered policies and inadequate user-authentication leave organisations vulnerable to cyber-crime attacks.

EnablesIT has been designing and deploying secure networks for over 25 years. We ensure data security for customers in all fields including privacy-conscious sectors like healthcare and financial services. Our network security services are closely aligned to our network infrastructure, enablesManage, and network monitoring services, enablesMonitor, to provide you with end-to-end assurance.

With enablesIT supporting critical aspects of your technology, you are free to focus on what you do best. You can build your business while benefiting from lower fixed costs and access to highly experienced IT professionals. 

Is your business in need of proactive IT security?

With our fully managed cyber security service, we will regularly review your IT infrastructure, with quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses. We can also provide a fully managed anti-virus and firewall with full unified threat management, to provide additional layers of security.

We’ll work to resolve these issues, including a patch management service for all your supported devices. For other elements of your IT systems we’ll make recommendations to remediate and support you as needed.

IT Security Services


Do you need support to get IT security accreditation?


Many organisations these days see the benefits of undertaking recognised security accreditation’s such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001. Our specialist compliance consultants work alongside you to understand your organisation’s requirements. 

Drawing on our extensive experience, we will then design and deploy policies that meet your needs while protecting your organisation. Individuals will have secure access to the information they need and be restricted from information they don’t.

We can even support you as you go through your ongoing audit process to guide and advise how to gain maximum value from the investment.

Are you struggling with GDPR Compliance?

Data breaches are increasingly making headlines across the media. Whether a breach is accidental or malicious, caused by an employee or an external attacker, it is the loss of data and confidence which causes the reputational and often large financial impact to the business.

Our compliance service is about enabling your company to understand and follow regulations and best practice. Doing so ensures that any risk is minimalised, giving the business and any other company that works with you confidence. Our services are designed to help your business ensure compliance to the frameworks such as those required for GDPR.


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