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Professional Services

Our Professional Services team comprises highly skilled and experienced consultants, who are certified and accredited by our partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Veeam and HP.

The team works in partnership with your organisation to understand your needs, to design and build new IT environments and to transform existing investments in technology.

We have over 25 years’ experience in delivering cost-effective IT solutions that minimise both risk and complexity. We specialise in the technology integration and management that bring you peace of mind.

Our customers trust us to:

  • Design and build public and private cloud solutions
  • Conduct business technology reviews
  • Roll out desktop and server environments
  • Design secure and resilient networks

Does your IT need a revamp?

Businesses are always adapting, working to meet the needs of their customers in an ever-changing world.  To enable the business to do that, we work right alongside our customers to ensure their IT road map aligns with their businesses needs.  The key to a successful transformation is to review old operating models, to look at emerging technologies and focus your IT function on enabling your business. 

They key to a successful transformation isn’t just about selecting technology, it’s about making sure those technologies integrate to provide the best return on your investment.  The solution needs a solid foundation and that starts with the design.  That’s where we come in!


Do you need help with IT projects?

IT Professional Services


Our accredited engineers complete fixed price tasks – such as Install, Move, Add and Change (IMAC) requests – against agreed service level agreements (SLAs).

This enables you to plan ahead and to focus on your valuable, in-house technical teams on higher-value tasks, reducing the total cost of supporting your IT estate.

Our flexible resource model gives you access to a team of experienced, field-based engineers without incurring high payroll costs.

Our engineering services specialise in:

  • PC installations
  • Server upgrades
  • Cabling installations
  • Network moves and patching

Are your IT systems really enabling your business?
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