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Embrace, don’t replace, your spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are unavoidable. Everyone loves Excel. According to analysts BPM Partners, 81 per cent of companies supplement their existing corporate performance management solutions with spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are flexible, powerful, easy to use and widely understood. But, however much we love them, we also know the risks: even simple spreadsheets are prone to error, there is no audit trail and version control is a headache. Spreadsheets can carry security risks and they are time consuming and difficult to consolidate.

Vena is a corporate performance management (CPM) solution that gives you enterprise-class structure and control, without sacrificing the flexibility and familiarity of Excel. It takes your spreadsheets and integrates them in a centrally controlled environment, without the need to rebuild your existing models or templates. Vena adds a central database, sophisticated workflow engine, audit trail, process automation, business rules and a secure cloud environment.

You retain the familiarity of Excel interface, but with added integrity. Excel’s familiar front-end also means minimal training, higher adoption rates and quicker implementation.

At enablesIT, we specialise in managing complexity. Our services and solutions are designed to simplify the technology that drives your business, enabling you to focus on what you do best. Vena is a powerful, award-winning solution that aligns closely with this goal and we are proud to offer it as one of our business intelligence solutions.

To learn more about how Vena and enablesIT can add integrity and control to your vital spreadsheet models, please contact us on 0845 125 5999, or at info@enablesit.com.

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